I Do 4 U Wedding Officiants

Available 24/7


What is included with our packages?

  • Consultations where we can discuss any questions or concerns.
  • We accept all major credit cards, paypal, or online on our website.
  • Unlimited phone, email, or in person contact.
  • Coordinate with your other wedding professionals. 
  • If our customized package is selected, we work hard to make it perfect just for you.

What do our officiants wear?

  • Our officiants are professionals.
  • All males wear suit and tie (unless you prefer casual)
  • Females wear a dress or skirt and blouse of appropriate length.

How long is the ceremony?
  • The average is 15 - 25 minutes depending on how much you customize.

Where do we get the marriage license?

  • You may get your license from your county courthouse.
  • You may get a license in any Texas county and it can be used anywhere in Texas.

What do you mean you file the license after?

  • When we arrive, we take the license and file it with the courthouse. They courthouse will record it and mail it back to you. This process can take up to 30 days.

What happens if I cancel my wedding?

  • If your wedding is booked 90 days or less from your wedding date, there will be no refunds of any monies paid, as we have already turned down other business for your day. If we are able to re-book, then we will gladly refund your deposit.
  • If your wedding is more than 90 days out, then refund of your initial deposit is made back to you :)
  • If you simply wish to change your date, we will always allow that (within 6 months) and move your date with no penalty.